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About Us

Actuate is a group of professional service companies that aims to spark growth by innovation and productization. We develop solutions that aims to integrate on-edge solutions with decision support mechanisms which evaluates data on cloud or on-edge. Developing software and software integrated monitoring solutions that are strengthened by our ability to create user-friendly front-end interfaces are the focus of our productization arm.

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We develop enabling technologies based on on-edge decision making


Actuate designs and develops tailor-made on-edge decision support mechanisms for organizations according to their assessed needs. Backed by our experience in hardware-software integration systems, we understand that solutions provided must be easy-to-integrate with the ongoing system, as well as providing a significant enhancement over it. Therefore, solutions we provide for our customers evolve around this idea to be adaptable enough to fit with the ongoing system, as well as bringing additional value to their current businesses.

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We are empowered by our network and partnerships


Our company’s flexibility to implement our products to any system partially depends on the power of our networks and partners. Backed by our experience in the industry, Actuate has a vast network of solution providers, with which we can collaborate easily to provide best solution possible on the market. Using our unique product approach; it reflects to our customers as high-quality solutions rather than unexpected implementation costs.

Business Plan

Easy-to-use solutions based on our experience

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